HOG Mileage Programme – What?s in it for Me? ? Did you know that as an individual you can log your mileage via the dealership, once you have let us know your mileage, we will update HOG.COM. You can create an individual log in to HOG.COM (see Richard or Garry for details) and once you have your log in you?ll see your total mileage to date, and, you will earn Mileage Pins and Patches for each milestone. If you swap your ride we can add your new bike too, also if you rent a Harley from a dealership or via Eagle Rider, that mileage counts too. So, it?s easy to do, all we will need is your HOG Membership number, VIN and Mileage reading, then we will do the rest

Chapter Challenge – What?s in it for the Chapter? ? Pride! – As a Chapter we cover a lot of miles! Whether we ride as a group or on our own, every mile counts towards the Chapter Challenge. We could win the prestige of being the highest mileage chapter, highest mileage top ten riders within a chapter, greatest number or participants, greatest average mileage per participant and many more accolades. Plus, as an individual you could win the official HOG UK highest mileage individual and/or highest mileage LOH rider

The shop also puts up a prize for the highest mileage individual rider for the duration of the official Chapter Challenge

The Chapter can also earn additional points for having a chapter photo taken at an official HOG UK Flag event (phot taken next to the flag event flag, showing the Fenlanders back patch (see link below for more info)

Once you have entered the HOG Mileage Programme you will be automatically entered into the Chapter Challenge and your mileage will not only count towards your individual total but you will be helping to grow the chapter total miles too!

Your mileage will count all year round too! ? For your individual total and for the chapter challenge

Official Start Date – We can update your mileage at any time, as often as you would like us to and HOG.COM will update immediately?. BUT the official start of the Chapter Challenge is Saturday 24th February and we need to enter a fresh mileage reading for each rider to enter the chapter into the 2018 competition, so please pop in on Saturday, or if you can?t make it please call or see Richard, Alan Moss or Garry at any of the meetings or rides.

We can add you to the HOG Mileage Programme at any point throughout the year

HOG.COM ? There is a lot more to HOG.COM than just recording your mileage, you can see all of the benefits that HOG offer and keep up to date with Events and Rides, plus there is News and Links to all things HOG and Harley, all you need is your HOG Membership number and email to create a log in

So, Easy to enter, you could win a Prize, you will get Pins & Patches and you?ll help your Chapter ? Let?s Do It! ?

To create a log in on HOG.com see here?https://members.hog.com/


For more information on the 2018 Chapter Challenge see here http://hogeuropegallery.co.uk/benefits/chapter-challenge/

Any queries please see Alan Moss, Richard or Garry