Fenlanders Ride/Event Status

When rides and other Chapter events are agreed and added to the chapter calendar/bulletin board or Facebook page or any other means of advertising, they should be coded as below to conform inline National H.O.G. requirements.

O – Open

These events are open to anyone, including non H-D riders. The most common open events will be the monthly Sunday social meeting and the Thursday social meet at Mundford. All Dealer events that the Chapter support will be classed as open events. Rarely we may ride to meet up with other rider groups, these are also classed as open rides (see also Mates Rides).

C – Closed

These will take in most of the Chapter organised rides. To take part in a closed ride you must be a current member of the Fenlanders Chapter and hold a valid National H.O.G membership. Non Fenlanders (Guest) riders will be allowed to attend a maximum of 2 closed rides. All riders must be on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and the rider must be a current valid H.O.G member. The 2 guest rides would normally be a local area ride and a full Chapter ride. These tasters are to encourage the rider to join the Chapter (Guests must sign an insurance declaration)

M – Mates Rides

These rides that are arranged between chapter members and do not go through the formal Fenlanders Chapter planning process. These rides are not subject to, or covered by the insurance requirements of a closed ride. The person organising the ride has full control over this type of ride and the Chapter and/or its representatives hold no responsibility or liability whatsoever for these rides. These rides can be included on bulletin board and Facebook, however, these must be authorized prior to advertisement via Director/ Assistant Director or Dealer Principal. It must be made clear that it is not an official chapter ride by using the following wording below?.

?This is not an official chapter ride, it is arranged independently by _______ The Fenlanders Chapter and/or its representatives hold no responsibility for this event/ride and all liability is taken by the organiser?


N.B. The Chapter Rally ride outs fall outside of the above, with the Chapter Director and Dealer Principal having the final say on who and what other makes of motorcycle may join in the rides.


Please visit the following link for tips on group riding: