A once little known noisy creature, whose native habitat covers three or four counties in East Anglia. It tends to be more active in the warmer months and during the summer can become almost nocturnal.

Once a year, always on the last full weekend of July, the Fenlanders and other swarms congregate, creating a mega swarm at a town called Fakenham in Norfolk. Here they are observed becoming increasingly noisy during the day and, as daylight fades, they perform ritualistic dances to top musical entertainers.

Their diet also seems to change during these long weekend gatherings, consuming copious quantities of fluid that makes them very sociable before eventually making them drowsy. They also enjoy many choices of fast food on occasion.

This year, on the Thursday afternoon, female members, escorted by male drones, will swarm on their own for the first time, although their mates are welcome to join them.

On Friday further swarming will take place, this time males and females together, and on the Saturday the largest swarm of all can be observed as it snakes through the Norfolk countryside and along the coast to gather at the town of Sheringham.

No one fully understands the reason for this migration and swarming behaviour, but now after a quarter of a century, it is understood to be purely for pleasure purposes and to congregate and share fun and laughter and renew social bonds with the visiting swarms.

For 2017 the Fenlanders 25th East of England Swarming will take place from the morning of Thursday 27th July until Sunday 30th July. You can download an order form for tickets now from the Fenlanders own website to witness and be part of this fantastic wonder of the natural world.