JO GREEN TAKESTHE SPORT GLIDE ON AN IRON HOG. Reading Harley Davidson recently loaned the fantastic Jo green (ThamesValley Chapter Member and Road Captain), a Vivid BlackSport Glideto embark on an Iron Hog! In 2011 TheIron Hog Riders Challengewas born. A long ride across the UK visiting as many Harley-Davidson dealerships as possible, all under a clearly defined but simple set of rules, so that other riders can ride this endurance for themselves and enter their name in theIron Hog Roll of Honour. Jos experience started in 2018 when she initially took on an Iron Hog solo. Riding especiallylong-distance ridinghas always been apassion for Jo, so she decided to challenge herselfeven further and joint up with 3 other ladies to take part in an Iron Hogvisiting 4 dealerships in 48 hours,while incorporating an Iron Butt1,000miles in 24 hours. After a super challenge, lots of fun and a whole lot of ridingthe Sport Glide,they allmanaged to successfully ride 1,132 miles in 24 hours, while completing theIron Hog in a total of 28 hour exceeding the Iron Butt! We have loved following Jos journey and we cannot wait to see the next challenge she will take on!