The Lee Vasey Band

The Machines

EX ?DragonForce? Drummer, Dave Mackintosh – See (Dave Mackintosh | DragonForce Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia)? For well over a decade, Dave has constantly toured the world with DF and after 5 albums and countless videos, finally decided to slow down a little and get some normality back into his life.

Don John Maxwell, plays a Fender V1 bass and takes on most of the lead vocals. He has had a very active career in music over the years, with both 70?s 80?s prog? rock band ?Canned Rock? (4 Albums) and in more recent years with ?Maxwell Hammer & Smith? band.

?Fletch? Fletcher, is on guitars and vocals. Fletch?is both session man and producer and all round nice guy..

The Killer Tomatoes

The Scratch Band

The Scratch Band are THE last word in party music in Norfolk and the Anglia region!??Experienced and professional band playing classic rock, soul and blues – we are well known for turning any event into a party!



A Band Called Malice -?The definitive tribute to The Jam

A Band Called Malice was formed when frontman Andy Coultas decided to create a new band. A band to recreate the sound of The Jam with the attitude and feel of the original line up. Finding musicians to do this was not an easy task as the people in the band had to be of exceptional standard, able to sing, able to commit, love the jam, and of course be fit and agile enough to reproduce the live performance of Weller, Foxton and Buckler.

The Bloodshake Chorus

The Bloodshake Chorus are a rumbustious troupe of undead, unearthing the classics of fifties and sixties with a horrific punk twist. Performers with heart and soul (not all of them originally theirs) their relentless advance has seen them spread terror throughout the United Kingdom and even infect the international airwaves. Be afraid, for they’re coming to a venue near you soon, so keep the lights on. It won’t help, but they like to be able so see what they’re eating.


Mann Slaughter – Vocals
Wyatt Hertzs – Guitar
Doug Upp – Bass
Prof. Franken Steinway – Keys
Vincent Blackshadow – Drums