Wrist bands on both Riders, pillions and pedestrians must be worn at all times and shown to a marshal at the main gate when entering or leaving the Rally site.

Please notify any Fenlander should you identify anyone without a wrist band.

Speed Limit on site is 10mph; No blocking of road ways or parking on rally site roads so as to enable emergency vehicle access.

All vehicles to be parked in the car park as sign posted and as directed by Rally Marshal?s with the exception of motorcycles and those vehicles with a site pass.

All dogs must be kept on leads and owners are reminded to clear up after their dogs; please exercise dogs in the designated area.

No Open Fires permitted; Disposable BBQ?s must be kept off the grass. Do not place BBQ?s inside tents or enclosed areas at any time.

No generators are allowed on site.

Please do not enter the racecourse or any buildings or areas clearly identified as being outside of the Rally site.

All rubbish should be disposed of in the skip provided.

I/We also agree that Lind Harley-Davidson the Sponsoring Dealer, the Haley Owners Group (HOG), Harley-Davidson Inc,
Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Fenlanders Chapter and its respective officers, directors, employees and agents (hereinafter,
the ?RELEASED PARTIES?) shall not be liable or responsible for injury to me/us (including paralysis or death) or damage to my/
our property occurring during any HOG or Fenlanders Chapter activities resulting from acts or omissions occurring during the
performance of the duties of the Released Parties, even where the damage or injury is caused by negligence (except wilful neglect).

I/We understand and agree that all HOG members and their guests participate voluntarily and at their own risk in all HOG activities and I/We assume all risks of injury and damage arising out of the conduct of such activities.

I/We release and hold the ?RELEASED PARTIES? harmless from any injury or loss to my person or property which may result
from my/our participation in HOG activities and event(s).

I/We understand that this means that I/We agree not to sue or take legal action against the ?RELEASED PARTIES? for any injury
(or resulting damages) to myself/ourselves or my/our property arising from, or in connection with, the performance of their
Chapter duties in sponsoring, planning or conducting of said event(s).