THE LOUDEST SOUND YOU'LL HEAR WILL BE YOUR HEART RACING. Guildford Harley-Davidson have teamed up with friend, customer and youtube star TeapotOne. The Harley-Davidson all electric LiveWire has won MCN's 2020 Best Electric Motorcycle and our recent LiveWire Truck Tour event was a massive success with lots of our customers trying out the latest addition to the H-D line up. Check out TeapotOne's LiveWire review series below to see what he thought of the motorcycle everyone is talking about. EXPLORE THE LIVEWIRE "The Harley Davidson Livewire Review - First ride. I've been waiting a long time to ride this electric motorcycle, and the Harley Livewire didn't disappoint. There's a lot of hype surrounding it due to the current Harley Davidson Livewire Long Way Up involvement, but I wanted to see for myself if this was genuinely a good EV motorcycle, or if it was just a token effort by Harley." PART 1 PART 2